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  • at 2009/2/27 20:09:46

Hi there! I am going to send you my new diary about Int'l Karate Championship
I interpreted for last week from tomorrow on.
This morning I got a sudden call from an Australian business man
for whom I'd translated some product data into Japanese.
I had never talked to him before.
I'd got this order from another Australian customer for whom
I have worked for many years. The Australian business who called me
this morning wanted to know the meaning of [ZZZg ]in the document.
But I just had to write down[ ZZZ g] as a code because the original English
test says so. While he was talking to me over the phone, he got angry
and mad. I didn't why he got so mad. Finally he gave me a rain of four-letter
words for a long time. I got upset. I never had been four-letter-word abused.
I told him that if he kept talking  that way, I would hang up.
Then he gave me dirty words and hung up. This sudden call has been
discouraging to me since then!! [ken]

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