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○Ken's Diary #1 (3/28)
Hi there!
Do you know ふくのひれ酒?
[ふく] is usually called [ふぐ]、globefish,
on the other hand, people in 下関 call this fish
「ふく」 and think this fish as a lucky fish since
[ふく] reads [福]. Its fin(s) is/are immersed in sake for a while
until the color of sake turns a little yellow
I love this ふくのひれ酒.
Last Sunday Nobuko and I visited ちえこさん, one of my
friends and part-timers.
She runs her own clothes shop there now.
On my way home, I bought two cups of ふくのひれ酒
at a local kiosk and enjoyed the unique taste in the train.
This type of sake is healthy, I guess.
Why don't you try this?    [Ken]

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