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○Ken's Diary #1 3/23---25

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Dear Pals,
This is Ken. I sometimes feel my age especially after returning
from my business trip. It is now.
Very tired am I feeling now after coming back from Kumamoto
yesterday evening.
But I've got to develop my correspondence English training course
by sharing with you all my daily diary #1 as follows:
*Mar. 23rd (Monday)
This day I have to visit a filter maker in Tagawa
for teaching English to its workers.
This maker is an affiliated company of JT and produces
tobacco filters.
*After the English lesson with its workers, I got home.
Well, on this day, one of my part-timers was working
all day long. When I got home, I found her working very hard.
I had asked her to fax an invitation to many businesses
which are members of Fukuoka Trading Association.
*She was supposed to fax this invitation to about two hundred
*In the evening, she and I visited one of my young students
and I taught him how to respond or begin to talk with
his listeners especially when they meet for the first time.
*After the lesson, she and I went to 新飯塚 where we enjoyed
very delicious ramen.
*Mar. 24th (Tue.)
In the morning, the part-timer went to a local bone-setting clinic
where she received medical massage on her back, while I was working
on the translation of a 17-page-long text into English.
This text is designed for overseas fishermen.
After she came home from the clinic,
we had a little quarrel over trifle matters.
I got angry at her, saying some bad and unkind words to her,
which I have been feeling some regret.
She left here. I could not follow her.
We have sometimes misunderstanding about each other.
Then, in the afternoon, I spent many hours in thinking about
the quarrel even while riding a motor bike.
At the moment, unfortunately, a police man caught me
failing to make a full stop before the crossing.
I got double-disappointed.
When I feel blue, I should not drive or ride a motor bike
otherwise, I will possibly be caught by the police for failing to
the rules.
*Mar. 25th (Tue.)
I went to the filter maker again this day.
I am supposed to visit the maker three times a week,
every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
I teach different students, workers at the maker
depending on weeks and days.
I went to the maker as usual.
This day I used a DVD of a famous movie, titled 「男はつらいよ!」.
One of its scenes is very interesting and good for English studying.
An American sales man visits とらや and tries to talk
with the family in English.
I showed this scene to the students of Wednesday
to check whether they could understand what he said in
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