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a/ Oh! Ken is not here. Why dont you call him?

If we call Ken now, hell join us and can have a great time here, Im sure.

b/ Oh! really. Ken is not here.

If we called Ken now, hed have a grat time here, Im sure.


1. If I had been there he (     ) injured. 
a.may not be       b.might not be
c.might not have been   d.has not been 

2. If we had known her new email address, we (     ) her a message. 

a.sent        b.will send
c.would have sent   d.would send

3. Jane would have gone to London ( ) to get a plane reservation.

(a) if she had been able    (b) if she is able
(c) would she be able      (d) was she able     

4.If I (   ) a map, I would lend it to you. 
(A) had    (B) had had    (C) have    (D) do have

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