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Jun.25 活動報告です、小学校への訪問 Visit to Primary School

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末次通訳事務所の活動報告です Jun.25分 職業教育

Yesterday, Jun.25, I visited a primary school in Wakamatsu Ward,
Kitakyushu City.

How did I go to Wakamatsu?-I took a JR train to Wakamatsu from
JR UrataSation near my house. When I got to Wakamatsu, I became
stunned to realizeWakamatsu Sta. is an already no-manned station.
The station used to be very busy in 1960s and '70s thanks to the brisk
economy brought about by coal-mining and steel-making industries.
But now the station has totally lost what it used be.

I took a taxi to visit the school. I had no other choice, because I was not
familiar with the transportation from the station to the school.
I got to the school about 1p.m., then I saw different experts there.
I joined them, and our group of different occupational experts provided
the students of 5th and 6th grades with our own various ideas about
finding dreams, occupational dreams, getting a job and how important 
it is to get a job, hopefully a life-long job.

Yesterday about 30 people from different fields got together for this
career education at the school. I'm one of them.
There is a large-scale society in Kitakysuhu which conducts the career education
at different levels of schools in Kitakyushu, Chikuho except for Iizuka
and some surrounding areas.
I joined this society early this year, and since then I have visited
several schools (primary schools and Jr. high schools).

I always share with students some tips on how to find their own
occupational dreams and how to achieve them without fail.

Then, yesterday, I became very happy to find at least two boys
among the students are judo wrestlers.
This is my first time to see such kid judo wrestlers among school
students. I was able to identify them as judo wrestlers the moment
I saw them among the students. They really looked to be judo wrestlers.

During the recess, I requested one of them to do 打ち込み with me.
Even though we did not wear judo-gi, he did 打ち込み of 払い腰 with me.
He showed some hesitation but he showed me his speedy movement.
These days, the number of kid judo wrestlers has been decreasing in Japan.
So, I was very happy to see the two judo wrestlers among the students.

Looking back to the students I talked with yesterday,
all of them told me that they have their own occupational
dreams, which was very interesting to me.

This week, I am supposed to visit another primary school.
It is in Nogata City.
Then, next month, I am scheduled to visit two high schools.
These visits are really exciting to me.
The meeting with children reminds me of various memories
in my childhood and has inspired me a lot to achieve my own new dreams.

By the way, if you are interested in joining our volunteering society,
please let me know.
This is because the number of occupational experts to visit the high schools
is short now. This society hopes to have more occupational experts to
join in.


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