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Clean-Up Activity as philanthropy work

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  • at 2018/6/28 08:37:42

June 24, 25 & 26 末次通訳事務所 活動報告 Cleanup Campaign

Clean-up Campaign

My business marked 20th anniversary on Jun.20, 2018.

Commemorating this wonderful anniversary, I want to

do anything helpful to the local community where I work

and live.

I decided to clean up the roads to my office and around

the apartment house where I live.

I am going to do this activity regularly from now on.

The two dates, June 24 and 25, were blessed with

sunny weather, then I started this clean-up activity by myself.

I defined this activity as my businesss philanthropy work.

I also did a road clean-up activity on the evening of Jun.26

when the rain let up and it became

Every time I go to various places from my office and

I get back to my office from my visits, I ride a motor bike.

Every time I ride the bike along the roads,

I find lots of wastes, refuses,


buts and so on.

They make the roads and streets look dirty, and make people

feel easier to throw them away on the roads.

Especially there are so many wastes on the roads to and

around my office. This is the reason why I did this cleanup work.

I picked out many small and large items abandoned on the roads

and put them into a yellow-


bag, which is a

waste bag designated by

After the work, I felt myself refreshed mentally and physically.

Then, I have found it out that since I cleaned the roads,

I have begun to pay much more attention to the roads

checking for any wastes dumpted on them.

This is one of the merits I have got through this kind of activity.

Ken/ Jun.28,2018

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