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Jul.6 語法課題です 代名詞その1

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Jul.6 語法課題です、仮定法講義や課題は後刻に送付します

1.My opinion is different from (     ).   
a you    b yours    c your    d yours

2.Ms Hutchinson lost her purse, and she had to buy (   ).  
a it    b the other    c ones    d one

3.The climate here is much the same as (      ) of Kyoto. 
a.such    b.those    c.that    d.anyo

※ Here in Iizuka, Fukuoka, where I live and work,

it has been raining a lot and a lot for two days.

There is no sign of stopping the rain.

It will continue to rain for another two days, I hear.

As I had anticipated, my mothers house is being a little

flooded. Actually, her shop is flooded.

Therefore, I may have to take one or two days off

to help her.


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