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1)He was seen ( ) out of the room with anger.
選択肢) to go,  go,  went, //

2) I couldnt but ( ) at him.

選択肢:laughing //to laugh // into laughing



1)White blood cells (    ) a wide range of highly specilized

*CHOICES: look out / back out
       black out / carry out / bring out

2) Big business hav eto take seriously its responsibility to ( )
up for the ecological damage it has caused.

*CHOICES: pay / consider/ make / clear



The Food and Drug Administration generally can approve a generic drug

as soon as the patent protection on its brand-name ( )expires.

*CHOICED /counterpart /creed / delinquency/ deposit

Six other states also took their budget ( ) to the June 30 deadline

without reaching a final agreement.

*CHOICES:desolation / formulas/ deliberations / gourmets 




1.As Yoko is rich, she can buy that grand piano.

=Yoko ( )( )( ) to buy that grand piano.

2.As this report was written in haste, it is full of erros and far from perfect.

=( )( )( ) in haste, this report is full of erros and far from perfect.

3.I didnt spend as much money as you did.

=I spent ( ) money ( ) you did.

4.This model is higher in quality than any other car on the road.

=This model is ( ) in quaity to every other car on the road.

5.Whenever I listen to this music, I think of my childhood.

=This music always ( ) me ( ) my childhood.


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