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(1)Her (   ) in academia has been highly recognized in history and often quoted by scholars.

選択肢:  exemption/ attainment /  preference / admiration

(2)The pile of debris is the (   ) of the disaster which claimed 
 a life of hundreds of people who failed to escape.

選択肢: remnant / fracture / annoyance /disgrace

(3)The lecture discussed the importance of an (   ) in politics who plays a great  role in the mass media.
選択肢: informant / ecosystem / reliance /credit

(4)Living in a totally different society may cause Tom some difficulties to (   ). However, he is confident about finding his way out since facing challenges motivates him.

選択肢:curtail /withhold /adapt/ accuse

(5)Emerging multinational enterprises interest a number of investors all over the world. They think that those companies will possess great power to (   ) the global economy.
   選択肢:revitalize/ nominate /amaze /endure

(6)In order for us to narrow ideas down, we are going to schedule a weekly meeting for the next quarter, (   ) discussion about oversea markets.
選択肢: affiliating/ imposing / covering / eradicating

(7)When an incident that cannot be scientifically explained happened in a small village, people felt terribly (   ). More than half of its population has left the town as a result.

選択肢:accelerated /candid /insecure /adept /

(8)An (   ) summer course is going to be held at the university. The deadline for the application due 1st June is announced to all students.
選択肢:undecided/ expired / intensive /incurable

(9)Students who failed the math class, (   ), will have to retake the class in the upcoming semester.
選択肢: consequently / convincingly /irreversibly / enviably

(10)The meeting (   ) until midnight because the boss who was supposed to preside 
over it came late to the others meeting and the rest could not start it without him.

選択肢:gave out / kicked off / dragged on / came across
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