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(1)The beautiful (   ), which are spread over an area of 20 kilometers in length, have been transformed by the offshore wind.
Choices: manures / polarities / immersion / dunes
(2)Teachers are responsible for (   ) any possibility of bullying in class. Students who are targets of bullying often end up being forced to drop out of school.

選択肢: gloating / parching / fraying / precluding

(3)After an economic depression triggered by a conflict in the Middle East, Betty was forced to go through the bankruptcy of her firm. That left her no choice but to (   ) her savings to make a living.

選択肢: dip into /   take leave / fish for / pass for

(4)Infants are more (   ) to a certain type of bacterial infection because their immune systems are not fully developed. This sometimes makes many parents nervous about taking care of them.

選択肢: exquisite / absurd / susceptible / pompous

(5)The news of international (   ) on Cuba imposed by the U.S in response to its ensuing provocative action was internationally broadcast and drew great attention from all over the world.
選択肢: alimony /   embargo / bureaucracy /  anecdote
August 7/2019

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