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★4/21 翻訳講習:音源の理解課題と正誤問題課題

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(20) (a)Most of students seemed to (b)have understood (c)how fortunate they were (d)to beliving in a peaceful country. (早稲田大)誤り箇所:正しい形:

(21) (a)Each of girls applying (b)for the job is eager to be chosen, and can’t wait (c)untiltomorrow when the decision (d)is to be made. (同志社大)誤り箇所:正しい形:

(22) (a)There are many different ways of (b)comparing the economy of one nation with(c)those of (d)another. (慶応大)誤り箇所:正しい形:
(23) He (a)is determined (b)to finish the job (c)whenever long it (d)takes. (慶應大)誤り箇所:正しい形:
(24) Have you ever (a)considered (b)what it would cost if someone (c)were paid to do thework (d)your mother does it? (日本女子大)誤り箇所:正しい形:
(25) (a)Since this will be (b)the last trip, you (c)may take (d)whomever wants to go.(成蹊大)誤り箇所:正しい形:
(26) He wanted to (a)help her out, but whenever he asked (b)about (c)her past, she avoided(d)to answer his questions. (早稲田大)誤り箇所:正しい形:
(27) (a)I’ve lived here (b)all my life; I can’t imagine (c)to live anywhere (d)else.(学習院大)誤り箇所:正しい形:
(28) Three years (a)have passed since our family (b)moved to New Zealand, so we (c)areaccustomed to (d)live in a foreign country. (亜細亜大)誤り箇所:正しい形:
(29) What (a)is certain (b)is that the rice market is (c)increasingly (d)exposing to the forcesof liberalization. (専修大)誤り箇所:正しい形:
(30) This experiment is really (a)excited (b)in that it (c)has paved the way (d)to theexploration of outer space. (早稲田大)誤り箇所:正しい形:ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー
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