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★お羊座:Embrace some novel ideas. Be a contrarian.

★牡牛座:Get back in touch with old school friends.

It is a good time to begin a new project, especially one that is related to your feelings.

★蟹座  :
When it is your turn to listen, give the speaker your full attention.

★獅子座:Instead of going bonkers get yourself together.

You will be presented with an intense opportunity to present some stellar ideas.

★天秤座:Your instincts can bring you up to your highest ideals 
         and show those around you how magical life can be.

★蠍座   :You may be out of touch with your own true feelings..

★射手座:Confer and create strategies.

It is important for you to restore your faith, rekindle your vision and press ahead.

A stimulating, intimate and aesthetic encounter can be arranged. It is an excellent time for art and music. Buy some tickets now.

★魚座   :Do not waste your time bickering.

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