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○Ken's Diary #1 -- a cute cat--

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○Ken's Diary #1 -- a cute cat--

Hi there!!

Pls allow me to send you 2 pcs of diaries tonight:

I became very happy this morning when I paid a usual visit
to a house in 大任町, Tagawa.

I go there every Sunday morning to teach English to
three high school students.

Two of them also come to the house to get together.

Then, I remembered that the daughter of the house owner had said that
they would start to keep a cat soon.
So, I expected that I could see the cat by today.

Then, when I arrived at the house, I saw the kitten.
I got stunned to see the kitten.

It really looks like Mimy- a cat we used to keep till last fall.

Mimy was taken to the Heaven last November after living over 23 years.
She died from old age(老衰) last fall.

The kitten and Mimy are both Siam-crossed with very unique tabby.

This kitten is a very good copy of Mimy.

My one-hour trip to her house will
be surely much more fun from next week on,
although I always have a good time in having an weekly English lesson
with the three students.


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